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There are two different sponsorships we can consider.

1- Become Our Sponsors
For both profit-based and non-profit based projects and events, we are looking for sponsors. If you are interested to become our sponsors, we receive information from you, and we inform you if there are opportunities to make it happen.

2- We Become Your Sponsor
Our existence based on a story that forces us to be our own investor for numerous non-profit projects. We wish to improve people's lives in numerous countries for all cultures. It is possible when we increase the level of education and health, diversity of choices, and make the communication stronger.

We are eager to take the sponsorship responsibility with our full technical team, and technological resources. Those who are eager to bring value to the strong sponsorship relations with us, and who fits one of the following subjects, can contact us for sponsorship.

- Non-profit educational or health organizations
- Non-profit organizations
- Research centers
- Enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals who have creative ideas or projects, or who are willing to resell our products and services, or who are willing to establish their first business