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Setup Fees

The setup fee covers the following costs:

  • first installation fee
  • the lifetime license fee for a domain

The setup fee doesn't cover

  • customization
  • any additional services listed on the product page
  • the lifetime license fee for a subdomains
  • the lifetime license fee for multi-domain

What are the types of setup and license fees?

  • Single domain license ($500)
  • Wildcard domain license ($1500 + $50 for each additional installation.)
  • Multi-domain license ($500 for each domain)

Are there any discounts for multi-domain licenses?

  • 5 Domains or more: $450/domain
  • 10 Domains or more: $375/domain
  • 25 Domains or more: $325/domain
  • 50 Domains or more: $200/domain
  • 100 Domains or more: $125/domain
  • 250 Domains or more: $100/domain
  • 500 Domains or more: $75/domain
  • 1000 Domains or more: $50/domain

Up to 100 domains will be automatically discounted on the product page. For more than 100 domains, please log in to your account and submit a ticket to the sales department.

Can I move my lifetime license to another domain?
No, you cannot. If you have to move your website to another domain, a multi-domain price will be applied for the new domain. However, both domains will have licenses, and you will be allowed to use both domains. Up to 25 domains, your license will be bound to your domain.

However, if you are planning to buy for more than 25 domains, licenses will be bound to the IP address which will allow you to change your domain at no additional license cost.

Can I request a new installation on the ex-domain?
Yes, but you need to pay $50 for the installation.